Saturday, February 19, 2011

Donna Karan Fall 2011

Wow.... what can I even say about this collection. I am speechless. It is so beautiful and I am in love with every detail. These pieces are just flawless and so feminine. The only thing I would do without is the fur of course. I do not support fur or leather or any other animal materials in my clothing. Faux fur and pleather will do me just fine. Back to the point, these flowing, yet tailored pieces are blowing me away. If I could have just one of them, I would be forever happy. As I have said before, I love suits and pencil skirts, they represent a beautiful, strong woman in my eyes. The colours are all neutral, which is not uncommon for fall. Grey and are brown shades are my favourite colours to wear, so that also hits big points. Well, take a look for yourself and your eyes will have been made love to. 


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