Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Christian Dior Fall 2011

When the first reports of Galliano's anti-semitic remarks came out I didn't want to speculate. I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But then the video came out and that shattered my view of this wonderful designer. Although he was clearly inebriated, he is ultimately responsible for his words and the effect that they have on his future. He has been fired from Christian Dior and now has gone into rehab. A sad end to a magnificent career with the house of Dior. The Fall 2011 Christian Dior collection will be Galliano's last contribution to them. I must say it is a beautiful, luxurious and full of flair. The collection starts out heavy, with many layers of rich fabrics and ends off beautifully light and with pastel colours. I will let the pieces speak for itself and usually I only showcase my favourites, but there were so many I loved, that there are many below.

OH.... and who could forget those gorgeous shoes:

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